Thursday, 3 April 2014

The truth about Guranteed Pass driving courses uncovered.


Hi, my name is Paul Roach and I am a Driving Instructor who has been providing intensive driving courses in Liverpool for many years. For anyone who is unsure what an intensive driving course is, it's when someone wants to learn how to drive in a short space of time. Presently a lot of driving schools are selling an intensive driving course as a guaranteed pass course. I have written this post to help people understand what they're actually getting when purchasing a guaranteed pass course.


When booking a guaranteed pass driving course you could be forgiven for thinking you're getting a guarantee of passing your driving test! Well that's what it says on the tin doesn't it!? Sadly no one can guarantee a driving test pass, so why do so many driving schools use the term 'guaranteed pass course' when promoting an intensive course of driving lessons?

Marketing Gimmicks

Have you ever heard of the term 'up-selling'? For example when I use the drive-thru service at McDonald's and ask for a Latte, the assistant usually will ask me "Would you like to make that large sir?"  "No thank you."

What is happening here is the company in question is trying to up-sell me an item I didn't ask for which will increase their profit margin. A guaranteed pass course is built on exactly the same foundation as this.

Look at this example which is taken from another driving school.

25 hour course = £582 
25 hour guaranteed pass course = £612

As you can see the guaranteed pass course is £30 pound more expensive. It's a win-win situation for the driving school! If you pass first time they've increased their profit by £30. If you fail they've got you hooked into taking around half a dozen driving lessons before taking your second driving test.


At blah blah driving school we're so confident you'll pass your driving test we'll pay for the next one if you don't!

Sounds enticing doesn't it! The question you need to ask yourself though is who exactly is paying for the next driving test? You or your driving school?

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